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  • Nick Tune

    Nick Tune

    Technical Leader | Socio-Technical Architect | Continuous Delivery

  • Emil Koutanov

    Emil Koutanov

    Software architect, an engineer, and a dad. Also an avid storyteller, maintainer of Kafdrop, and author of Effective Kafka.

  • Netflix Technology Blog

    Netflix Technology Blog

    Learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organizations

  • Liang Guo

    Liang Guo

    Engineering @ Airbnb

  • Junjie Guan

    Junjie Guan

  • Nir Yosef

    Nir Yosef

    Front-end developer @Wix.com

  • Kousik Nath

    Kousik Nath

    Deep discussions on problem solving, distributed systems, computing concepts, real life systems designing. Developer @PayPal. https://in.linkedin.com/in/kousikn

  • freeCodeCamp


    This account is now inactive. Follow our community’s Medium publication instead: https://medium.freecodecamp.org

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